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The Riverside Academy - High School Program is designed to meet the needs of diverse learners by providing flexible scheduling, a safe student-centered environment, and challenging curriculum and student designed programming. Riverside Academy - High School offers 10th through 12th grade students an opportunity to earn credits toward a high school diploma from their resident district. The delivery method choices are seat-based, independent study (for students 16 years and older) or a combination of both. 

Mission Statement:  To provide quality education to all students by meeting the individual needs identified to complete their educational goals.   

Program Goals

  • By demonstrating respectful relationships toward themselves and others, students will set and accomplish their goals. 
  • Staff will assess all students' emotional, social and behavioral supports needed. 
  • All students will be provided a comprehensive education based on relevancy and best practices which will give them skills and abilities to compete in an ever-changing world.

Roots of Success at Riverside Academy - High School are Founded in the Cambridge-Isanti Schools Commitment in THE BLUEJACKET WAY  We show COMPASSION (Kindness & Consideration) We exhibit HONESTY (Truthfulness & Sincerity) We practice RESPECT (Politeness & Humility) We demonstrate RESPONSIBILITY (Dependability & Accountability) We display SELF-DISCIPLINE (Attentiveness & Mindfulness)

For more information about the school or to register, contact our main office at 763-552-6262. 

Enrollment - To enroll in the Riverside Academy - High School program all students must meet one or more of the following Minnesota graduation incentives. All students and a parent/guardian must attend an "Intake Meeting" with the Director prior to beginning the program. In addition, building registration and paperwork is required. Allow a minimum of 1-hour for the Intake Meeting.  

Information Regarding Intake Meeting

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