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Riverside Academy Secondary Student Activities & Athletics

Riverside Academy Secondary students, with permission from their resident district, are able to participate in all athletic and activities offered to all other resident district students. Any student that is expelled or has withdrawn for discipline reasons cannot participate. The following information is a guide for your student. 

Building Activities Participation

  • A visitor permission note must be completed by the student, resident district and the Riverside Academy Secondary director prior to attending activity. Student is expected to obtain visitor permission form and return to district. 
  • Student(s) will be expected to be a RSAS student in good standing to receive permission from the Director.
  • Without direct permission from the resident district, students are not able to participate in any building activities.

District Athletic Participation

  • Student(s) must register with the resident district and meet all resident district requirements to participate. 
  • Student(s) will be expected to be a RSAS student in good standing to continue participating. 
  • Any student absent or suspended at RSAS cannot participate in the current day athletic activity.